Feature: My Jim Iyke And Nadia Buari's Engagement Theory!

Okay its been pretty interesting reading all the funny commentary on Nadia Buari and Jim Iykes engagement tale. As always, the juice broke out on his reality show "JIM UNSCRIPTED" and blogosphere went crazy on them...Stories, Pictures, Tweet and Retweets...Hian o! See gbege! (Yes na...even my brother sef dey cry..."No not my babe, Nadia...Why?") Hahaha...Say wetin na? That two beautiful powerful consenting adults decided to padlock themselves and throw away the keys (all in the name of an engagement). Sorry TJ nothing for you here. Hahaha.

So while the congratulations are flying about, by the happy-sum, others are either cynical, sarcastic or just plain pessimistic about this entire engagement fiasco. Haba na! Can't a man decide he wants to quit bachelor-hood and join the rest of his INMATES in marital jail? (Okay, you know I'm kidding right?)

Here's the thing...While I really hate to openly poke my nose in other people's business especially if it's a friend or colleague, I can't pretend I've not been thinking about it since the news broke...and you know me...if a thought crosses my mind so vividly, then I'm itching till I share it with you. So even though I really do like the both of them together... I mean who wouldn't? They are so cute especially that sweet pet name she calls him...something that sounds like 'snickers'...No...Aha, I remember now...SKITTLES...Yes...hehehe. Still the press and the Amebo Association of Fans want to know what the real deal is, even though I think its nobody's business really...except that, if you put out your life on display in a reality show for people to watch...then expect them to act like your life is their friggin business and you owe them some explanation right?

So with captions like "Another Celebrity Couple?" Or "Is This The Next Kim-ye?" "Is This Another Publicity Stunt?" You can't help but wonder what the hula-bula is all about. I mean, Is it such a big deal that Jim will consider to marry the woman he has obviously been flaunting publicly for the last 10 months or so? Or is it the fact that they are both celebrities and people already have reservations about celebrity marriages succeeding? (Very silly theory if I may add) or Is it because they both come from different countries and have different cultures? (Hey, don't look at me that way... I know what you are thinking...Now, that one I will have to poke a hole. hahahah)

Well being that I've kinda been in a similar position (oh no, I don't mean the somewhat staged Public engagement on National Tv o...Lol) I mean marrying a famous Actor from Ghana and hoping just because him and I both share the same career and are both west africans with on-the-surface similar cultures, we could both make it work. BIG LIE. It didn't...and I really think, it takes a lot more than that.

In a conversation I was having with a friend and her very interesting/articulate elder cousin who happens to be a visiting pastor from Ireland...He was pretty emphatic that the big mistake a lot of people make in choosing a life partner is mistaking a boyfriend for a husband or a girlfriend for a wife. Let me explain... Someone could be an absolute perfect BOYFRIEND material, does everything he should...spoil you, treats you well and all...but that doesn't make him a forever candidate...the HUSBAND material. Same for a lady, she may be the perfect girlfriend, screws you any time you want, does your laundry, cooks your meal, respects you...even let's you take advantage of her...The absolute perfect girlfriend material, still it doesn't necessarily mean she has the MATURITY and WISDOM it takes to be promoted to a WIFE.

So a lot of times, we are so carried away by the butterfly fluttering our over-fed bellies, that we find ourselves PROMOTING people who we really shouldn't...simply because we make our decisions based on EMOTIONS instead of PRINCIPLES. And as the pastor said Relationships should be about 'principles' not emotions (this pretty much reminds me of a post I wrote last month tagged "MIRROR, MIRROR...WHO IS FAIRER? TO LOVE Versus IN LOVE"...hmmm).

So back to Jim and Nadia. I honestly do believe any two, who consciously understand the 'principles' of relationships, whether they are Artistes, Celebrities, Regular Folks, Foreigners, Single Parents or Divorcees can actually make a marriage work if they...and only if they CHOOSE to. But I do have a few questions fingering my mind about this particular engagement though;

#1) How the hell in the world were they both able to hide an engagement until that episode aired? (Totally beats me...not even the late Michael Jackson could pull that off)

#2) If they both are really engaged...and that aired episode was taped last year, then why did he need marriage deliverance from TB Joshua, biko kwa? Lol.

#3) If this isn't a publicity stunt...and they really do plan to make a commitment to each other...(okay, they've had enough time to privately enjoy their engagement-moon). Why is she still playing fence about it and publicly misleading everyone with her tweets? Hmm...

I mean, if she's gonna marry the man...she's gonna marry him right? What's there to hide?...The world knows they are both screwing each other anyway and globe-trotting together like they own world bank and 'cupid' is their guardian angel...hehehe... so why not put it out in them bitches faces..."Hey, I finally won the man of my dreams...Kiss my yellow behind, bitches"...(Now, that would be a very ballsy way to own it like a Queen-Bitch would)...hahaha...

I mean isn't it interesting how Nadia gets in one year the ring another woman waited 6 bloody years for and couldn't get. Hmm... I guess this is testimony that men do know who they want... no matter the amount of forcing, sexing, manipulating or faking to be who you're not just to make him happy... will make him choose you if he doesn't want you. And whilst an engagement in itself isn't marriage, it is still something I think she needs to be PROUD of, unless ofcourse things really aren't as they seem...(or) they really did get engaged, but then with the space of time (between recording it and airing), the dynamics of the relationship may have changed...(As it is the reality of life) but it was probably too late to yank of that episode without affecting other follow-up episodes...when all in all, he stands to benefit from the buzz it would garner anyway (just my silly analysis...ha!).

Whatever the real story is, I wish them both well and pray they both know what they are doing, whichever way the cards fall. Still I'm curious to know though, what do you my lovely blogger-fam think? Do you really think this is for real or my prank-loving Jim Iyke is just punking the world? Hahahaha. Feel free to share your thoughts. I'm itching to know...

Have A Stress-Free Saturday Lovelies! Kisses.

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