BIODUN STEPHENS: And The Dead-End Romance!

Yaaay, its another Celebrity Guest Post Friday...And honestly if you aren't reeling with laughter from this amazing piece by my 'Celebrity Guest Post' Author, the very multi-talented On Air Personality (OAP), Actress, Writer, Voice Over Artiste and Producer of the Radio Show 'WHISPERS'... the Bubbly, Beautiful and Eloquent, Biodun Stephens...we'll have to get you checked o. Hahahah. So Lovelies, have you ever been tempted so bad that you became a victim of your own imagination? Oh well, read on and let me know what you think about her post. I love it, I hope you do too...Here it is;


"When Alex asked that i write a piece for her blog, i was honoured as i was anxious. Wetin i go write, i wonder. Finally after plenty pacing, it hit me, so here we go.

Anyone who knows me, knows i am a sucker for TALL, LEAN and GOOD LOOKING men. If he is a great converser, intelligent, with some wad in his pocket and a tendency for generosity, i like even more. Yes! These and more , did my hunk of a neighbour possess. Kai! the guy HOT die.

Now, we never get to say anything other than " hello...hi", UNTIL a father pleasant evening. Hmmm...There must have been a power SURGE that sent the building's fuse box into explosion, i was having my bath when the explosion happened and then thick smoke followed. I jumped out of the bath, grabbing my towel and racing outside, and 'collided' straight into the very gorgeously toned body of my neighbour also clad in his towel... he was just about going for a bath( oh lord, what are the odds?) Lol. Anyway We put out the fire and called for help. I noticed, he observed my voluptuously CURVED self walk away in my towel, my ass jiggling shamelessly.

The next evening , he knocked on my door, just to check my electricals were fine. The next day i also returned the favour and was invited in. Hian! To cut the tori short, after a few glasses of wine, chit- chatting about irrelevant issues, we ATTACKED each other voraciously and yes Alex, i was NOT-disappointed, that is to say, the SEX was 'unforgettable'. In the days that followed, i went back for seconds and more until my HUSBAND'S very timely arrival.

During dinner, my husband filled me in on his trip and I in turn, supplied him, a generous dose of my 'fabricated' story which centred mainly on how LONELY and BORING the house had been without him. He smiled...quite coldly, and decided to play me a recording from his phone. I sat STUNNED, unable to move as i heard myself, groaning and moaning with ludicrous pleasure and my neighbour grunting as he HUMPED away, spitting vulgarity. Mo Gbe! I was speechless. My Husband looks at me and says, "You must have dialled me in the heat of your passion"...Holy moses, I must have died a thousand times over in my chair.

I kept hearing him shout my name until he tapped me, and I jumped out of my chair..Oh my, i have been daydreaming about the very gorgeous man who sat across my table at the CANTEEN. Boy was i happy... Na just imagination, ha! grateful am i Lord. I said in silent prayer. "Everything okay? You were gonna give me your number before you spaced out" He said. My number? Ehnn!! this guy wan put me for wahala. Abeg, I am married ooo. I looked at him, picked up my bag and waka comot quick. Pheww! In the words of Terry G... "Devil, i don jump and pass this temptation". Hehehe."

By Biodun Stephens

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So lovelies what did you think about her post? Feel free to comment and share as always.

Have a Fantastic Friday Lovelies. Kisses!

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