Alex's Truth 4: Speak The Truth....

Hello My Lovely Blogger-Fam, I'm sorry, I'm a little mentally exhausted from countless business/creative meetings (Yes na, I'm thinking of ways to move our brand forward). I promise to keep it light and airy today. Hehehe...if you are as mentally exhausted as I am then maybe you need some of 'Alex's Truth' to boost you or help you better reflect today. Here's my truth for today, hope it inspires you or someone close to you;

1) The price for GREATNESS is 'responsibility'. There is no single great person alive without responsibility.

2) We must be careful not to turn a 'moment' or 'memories' into a MONUMENT. Celebrate your victories, success, romance, opportunities, achievements... And err...yes, move on!

3) Rejection is painful...even more painful, when you know the problem isn't you but THEM. But then again, that's LIFE and nothing about life is fair.

4) When you find people who constantly CHALLENGE you to be better for yourself. Keep them!

5) Dis-illusion is when the right one loves you for all the right reasons...but you are too damn INVESTED in chasing the wrong ones, to even see it!

6) Sometimes, we 'expect' more from others only because we're WILLING to do just as much for them. But they may not even realise it. Hmmm...

7) Don't leave the one you NEED, for the one you WANT...but then again, the one you need could be the one you never thought you even wanted!

8) Be smart if you can: but its even better to be WISER than to be smart. 'Wisdom' is no easy acquisition!

9) The fastest way to 'eliminate' a problem is to ADDRESS it. Running away from your problems, is a race you should know by now, you can NEVER win.

10) Every 'good' person DESERVES someone that can make their heart 'forget' that it was ever broken...only if you're BRAVE enough to let go!

11) Walking away is the 'best' SOLUTION...if its the only option, after all has been said and done...I said AFTER not 'before'. Hehehe.

12) Most times we come into a person's life not solely to make them love us, but to make them REALISE that they are 'valuable' beyond worthy! Love proves that right? Err...

13) Sometimes for a woman to help a man 'find his way and focus', she has to LOVE him from a distance...if he created the distance, He has 'lost' big time. If she consciously did, then he has a big chance of winning. DISCERN!

14) One of the biggest challenges in life is making DECISIONS when one is faced with 'numerous' choices. It may not be rocket science, but it can be simple maths. Hahaha. THINK the ratio of 'Plus' versus 'minus' and there's your ANSWER.

15) I have learned that most people tell LIES to avoid losing someone or something... While others tell the TRUTH to avoid losing themselves...

Sometimes you have to decide whether losing yourself is even worth the cost for keeping something or someone against their own true judgement. I believe you should speak the truth even if your voice shakes or what do you think lovelies?

Do Have A Terrific Tuesday! Hugs...Yes...And Err...Kisses!

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