Alex's Truth 3: Go Gunz Blazing!

Hello Lovelies, how are you today? I'm still under recovery, but trust my 'restless spirit' (as a dear friend referred to me) to try stay connected with you. If you are on my BBM and WhatsApp contacts list. Chances are, I've shared with you some of my 'TRUTHS' before...and you may have well forgotten. Well, in here I've labeled them Alex's Daily Boost to help inspire you. Here's my Truth for today. Hope it picks you up;

1) You must be willing to SACRIFICE something for that which you are willing to become. What are you willing to sacrifice? THINK!

2) You can't 'change' people and you shouldn't try; either you accept who they are... or simply START living 'without' them.

3) I have learned that 'Communication' is key, and like most of the things in the world, it's tricky - there are ways and time for not saying... and for saying certain things. Don't miss your TIMING!

4) The ones who find happiness are the ones who DON'T make excuses. If it's broken they FiX IT, if it's wrong they make it RIGHT.

5) Wherever you 'invest' your LOVE, you invest your LIFE….Always remember that!

6) Do you 'love' them...more than you 'KNOW' them? Ask yourself again and might be dangerous!

7) When you finally find 'food', don't forget to eat with the people you starved with.

8) Sometimes we don't 'realize' how much we CARE about someone until they truly stop caring about us. SHAME!

9) 'Money' brings the woman you WANT and 'Struggle' brings the woman you NEED... 'Sex' brings the man you WANT. 'Value' brings the man you NEED.

10) You can't force someone to love you or even like you, but if you live your life RIGHT... one day they will realize what they lost.

11) Don't expect 'positive' things to occur in your life if you SURROUND yourself with 'negative' people.

12) You want control of your life? Then never let your FEAR decide your future.

13) The best way to MOVE forward is to 'let go' of the things that are holding you back.

14) You never have to wait until tomorrow to take the most important step - the FIRST step.

15) Ehen! Don’t PUSH away, the people who truly care about you... because one day, you will push them so hard, so far...that they won’t ever come back.

16) It's not the life you 'choose', but it's the life you LIVE... It's not what you've 'got', but it's what you GIVE.

17) All failed relationships hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t 'value' you is actually a GAIN. Yes ke!

18) The people you will always REMEMBER are the ones who made you feel 'loved' when you weren't at your most loveable state.

19) To find HAPPINESS, you need to find 'something' to hold on to, SOMEONE to 'motivate' you, and something to...err...Yes...'inspire' you.

20) Know that 'something' truly BEAUTIFUL manifests, when we start paying genuine ATTENTION to one another.

21) The most precious moment is not when you say 'I LOVE YOU'. But it is when you hear that person sincerely reply 'I LOVE YOU TOO'. Hahahah...I know, yeah!

22) One big 'mistake' you can make in life, is being too afraid to make a MISTAKE. My friend, are you supposed to learn eh?

23) The Art of being 'wise' is, knowing WHO to ignore, WHAT to overlook, WHERE to leave things, WHEN to move on & WHY its all very necessary!

24) Remember, to play IT too 'safe' is one of the 'riskiest' choices you can ever make in life. So go all out, gunz blazing!! Or what do you think?

Have a Terrific Tuesday Lovelies! And oh! I love you! Kisses!

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