Don't be...The Coward!

Here I am this Inspiration Monday, thinking about a conversation I desperately need to have with my dear I now have my back against the wall and feel the deepest need to address some things, I had dreadfully avoided talking about... Simply because I was too 'afraid', to hurt this person....Actually, now that I think about it, I was just being a 'coward'. But I've realised 'running' away from tackling problems or addressing certain issues won't make IT go away. Infact it will borrow legs, upgrade itself straight to the 'front row' with the most fancy view...just chilling for you to grow some nerves to pay IT adequate attention. Yes! Running away never solved anything.

And sitting right there with absolutely no intention of seeking resolution, solves nothing either. In other words there are quite a number of significant characteristics we exhibit that is quite reminiscent of acute cowardice...and we have failed to realise just how much of it impacts our lives negatively. 

Here's a definition of a Coward.

COWARD: A person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain. Etc. A 'timid' or easily 'intimidated' person. 

You are a Big Coward if;

1. You talk bad behind others, things...You can't say to their face! (Gossip)

2. You're always scared to tell the truth. (Liar)

3. You fear to hear the truth. (Denial)

4. You are bloody scared of success or criticism. (Weak)

5. You are afraid to love...I mean really love 100%. (Detached)

6. You encourage others to love you, when you have no intentions of loving them back. (Heartless)

7. You have no commitment to anything. (Irresponsible)

8. You constantly run away from tackling problems head on. And give up at the first sign of challenge. (Lazy)

9.You won't apologise after hurting someone cos your ego is more important than your relationships. (Arrogant)

10. You only value people for what you can take off them. (User)

11. You would rather befriend/date/marry a 'less accomplished' person than you, so you can feel better about your poor achievements. (Insecure)

12. You are too proud/shy to ask for help even when you desperately need it. (Sensitive)

13.  You are scared to forward 'Alexandra's N'Her Naked Thoughts' because you are worried about other people's opinions. (Over-conscious) 

14. You live for yourself alone. You have no actual responsibility towards anyone. (Self-centered)

15. You are constantly living in 'Fear of the Unknown'. (Paranoid)

16. You can't say '' on National TV because you are worried about your Oga at the Top. (Timid) Hahahah...well can call it 'Hilarious'.

Seriously, If you can tick more than half of these. You really need to work on finding the COURAGE to exist with meaningful purpose...

And I know this because I've been 'The Coward' who worried too much about hurting others...and ended up hurting myself in the process many a times...

In what ways have you been a coward and how do you intend to address it? Feel free to share your thoughts and drop your comments here. And please grow some #courage or spine, will you?!  

Have a Magnificent Monday Lovelies! Kisses!

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